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The Bakeroos Bakers

The baking staff at Bakeroos consists of Amber, the Director of Bakeroos, along with three other volunteer bakers. Find out what makes these bakers exceptional and perfectly fitted for the Bakeroos mission below.


I started learning cake decorating when I was a teenager in 4-H…20+ years ago! I dabbled in cakes on and off for a while, then started doing wedding and special event cakes for friends, and it’s been a consistent hobby ever since!

I love the science behind baking – understanding recipes and ingredients well enough to be able to alter them to achieve different end products, or to make substitutions that work as well as the original recipe did. (That has been especially important as we navigate new diet changes in our family!) I also enjoy providing people with sweet treats to brighten their days!

I love the mission of Bakeroos! I believe every kid should have a birthday cake to celebrate them and their special day – regardless of their circumstances. Volunteering in this role allows me to use my passion in a small way to help these kids feel valued and loved.


I have been making and decorating cakes for the last 48 years since my children were young. I am now a grandmother. I have a background in art and cakes are my canvas. Not only do I love creating art through cake decorating, but I also love to see the joy on the faces of the children and grownups when they see their cakes. My background in art allows me to freehand many different characters on my cakes. God has blessed me with this talent and I love to help out when I can by giving back to others and sharing that talent.


I have been baking and decorating for over 45 years. I love to create things not only by looks but flavor. And the joy to see on people’s faces. I love to give and bless in any way I can. This is a gift God has given me and I am so thankful He can use all of our talents to bless others.


I have been decorating cakes for just a couple years for my kids birthdays. I enjoy baking because it is like a therapeutic escape made up of one part science and intellect, and another part art and creativity, all things which I need and love. My kids feel so special and celebrated on their birthdays, and I want to give that gift to as many other kids as possible.


I have been decorating cakes for almost 30 years! I always baked cakes for my kid’s birthdays. I truly honed my skills in the last 2 years since starting a part-time bakery business in 2021. Decorating cakes is truly one of my art therapies. I love learning new techniques and creating unique cakes that make people smile. I love spreading joy, and making kids feel special along with eating something delicious for their birthday is such an honor!

Become a Baker

As Bakeroos continues to grow, we are continually on the lookout for more volunteer bakers to join our team. Please contact us at to apply.

The steps to becoming a baker include completing an application, completing the Bakeroos orientation and food and safety course, and passing a kitchen inspection where you will bake a cake for our Executive Director.


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